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I have what I thought was a good system for fs9. P4 2.4Ghtz,512RAM, nVideaGForce 5200 256mb.The trouble is I'm not getting performance.I can't go to 1024x768 res without severe shimmering of scenery even with my settings on default(and autogen on sparse).Frame rates approaching third party airport sceneny drop to the early teens and frequently stutter.And while my nornal frame rates are late teens/early twenties(locked at 24fps) I can't help feeling I should be getting a bigger bang for my bucks.I even use FSautostart to shut down unnessesary progams and proccesses before I start. Does anyone have some sound configuration advice and driver details that will give my program a shot in the arm? My driver version is

kevin [EIME]

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Hi Kevin.
You do have a good system - apart from your Graphics card, which is a touch on the slow side now despite being the 256Mb model.
You could try to update your drivers. Assuming you're on WinXP the latest driver version seems to be 61.77 @
You could also try drivers from here:
I'm a big fan of Omega drivers.
I had a Radeon 9200, which is comparable to the 5200, and struggled in graphics-intensive programs like FS9 and FarCry. Try upgrading to AT LEAST a GeForce FX5600 Ultra, or Radeon 9600 Pro.. If you don't want to spend any more cash the only other advice I can give is make sure you update drivers, have DirectX 9.0c and drop the detail levels down.


Thanks Steeev,
i'll try to update the drivers and see how i go.I had read reports that the 5200 card wasn't great for fs but I'll pospone an upgrade until i replace the system.One final question,do I roll back the existing driver before I install the new one?



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Generally, if I'm changing drivers (On WinXP) I would go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and remove all drivers and prgrams there, as conflicts can arise with new drivers and old control panels .
You can download a program called Driver Cleaner, which will remove old drivers from here:
Good luck.
FS9 still looks OK at 800x600x16, and I think you should be able to run fairly smooth at that setting.
You can slowly tweak the sliders up from there.
If these steps don't resolve the problem, tell us again!

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Steeev is correct about the drivers but the "shimmering" and the scenery in the distance snapping on is because of the 512mb or memory, if you can up it to 1 gig then that wouldn't happen.
There isn't a computer that can run the sim smoothly full out especially in the graphic intensive areas like major airports or low over cities.
Keep the scenery slide more to the left and the traffic , clouds, shadows and water low or off.


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Hi Kevin
Of course Steeve and RadarMan they are right about using the most updated drivers but from my experience they can be a lot of other reasons for slowing down your computer. I have a computer at home (belongs to my daughter) with very similar characters to yours. But first thing first:
RadarMan gave me an excellent link to diagnose a PC: My daughter she was complening that her PC
slower then it was. At the first test I found out that the CPU Load
under the test (fresh booting ) 63 % , when it should not be more than 2-3%. The hard drives needed defragmentions and a huge cleanup with
Ad-Aware or something similar. All above are free ware.
I could not believe what a boost this computer got
So if you going to use this site u should know:
Description Your Results
Nominal Clock Speed 1917 MHz
Measured Clock Speed 1917 MHz
External Clock Speed 166 MHz
CPU Load 1%

Ram speed 5073 MB/s
What I am trying to say that except the video card there are some hardwares that have to have some maintenance which can help a lot. I am on the same opinion with Steve that you have a good computer but at the above site you can compere it with a lot of other computers similar to yours type. The analizer will give you all the programs holding down your CPU and you don't need themi

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Just to add my two cents worth. You do have fine system there, and it should be performing a bit better than what you describe.
When I first got fs9, I used the exact same system myself for awhile. It worked fine except for the fact that the fx5200 was crippled by any anti-aliasing at all, and I would get some stuttering at times like approaching big airports like LAX, OHARE etc at night in any of the big jets. But I could run it nicely at 1024X768 no problems with most sliders up well over 50%.

Since then I have doubled the memory to 1024 megs and upgraded the video card to a GForce Ti 4800 se. Those upgrades eliminated any and all performance problems.

Just a few suggestions to add to the other good advice:

Download, install, update and run these three often.

spybot search and destroy


spyware blaster

Disk Cleanup your hard drive often:

then after disk cleanup
MyComputer/right click your drive where you have fs9 installed/Properties/Tools/Error Checking/Check now/Check the box 'Automatically fix File System Errors'/Do you want to schedule chkdsk to run on reboot/Yes/Reboot.

After the reboot, run whatever disk defragmenter you are using.

Also, what version of Direct X are you using?

To determine that go to START/RUN/DXDIAG/OK

Turn off unnecessary Windows Services (I assume you are running Windows XP)

I don't think you have to replace the system, but a better video card and another 512 megs of memory is what it will take to really make a big difference in performance.

good luck... 😎

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Thanks for the Links 🙂

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