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I just installed FlightSimX and I am having a hard time getting started, this is my first flight sim game.

I am going though the lessons, did the first one no problem but when I needed to turn I am having some real issues.

There seems to be a delay when I press on the keyboard to when the plane starts to turn, then finally when it does I can not get it to level off and I just go back and fourth until I get totally out of control.

Any ideas? is there a one touch leveling button? can I make the plane level off after each control?


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lemonwonder Guest

Try pressing CTRL+Y (together) and use the mouse to move etc....

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Many questions require many answers. Seems to me that most of your problems would vanish as if by magic if you used a flightstick instead of the keyboard.

Once you've used a flightstick for a while, you'll be wondering how you ever even considered playing FS with the keyboard 😀

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

If you only have a keyboard use the mouse as the yoke by right clicking anywhere on the screen then going to the bottom and click mouse as yoke.

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