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i have installed ai traffic using project ai and none of the traffic is showing up. why?

i used the v25 installer, using fs9. when it was setting up the file scenery/world/secery wasnt there so i created the world/secery bit.

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I actually bought a traffic program, so I'm not sure how pertinent this is going to be. But it says in my manual, that the traffic volume can take about twenty minutes to build up. Could it be the same for Project AI?

Perhaps you just need t let it warm up a bit. 🙂


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When you installed Projectai what ai traffic did you download to use?
The installer is just that an installer! If you did'nt download any traffic files there won't be any! If you did, it could be the time of day you are flying at(some times are quiet) or your traffic settings are low!
I don't know why you would have to touch the scenery/world/scenery file for this programme as it installs the traffic itself. When you say it was'nt there and had to make it i don't understand, because it should be in FS9/SCENERY/WORLD/SCENERY i think your FS9 would have major issues if it was'nt there!

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I think its worrth buying Ultimate Traffic, it gives you all the airlines' ai planes... I have been using it for over two years, just love it

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Ditch Project AI and use World of AI instead ➡

No more headaches-

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