Wow everyone who has fsx should read

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Karlw Captain

Flight sim .com just got a new boat from delta sim studios its looks fantastic I had a haert attack of how beutiful it looks only down side its shareware im downloading it as we speak it cost 6 dollars but looks stunning 😳

Cheers 🙂

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Charlie10 First Officer

While flying over the east shore of Lake Michigan, I saw a boat cruising overland on FSX!

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stvndysn Trainee

i put that boat into game and tried it as it appears in choose aircraft section and it didnt float it was about 50 foot above sea level. when i turned engines off the boat fell to earth like a brick

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Charlie10 First Officer

stvndysn - we better stick to flying airplanes and maybe not even look out the window at the boats Embarassed

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