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I was going to buy some addons for FSX. First of all, i was going to buy some scenery for England (because thats where i live). The question is what versions should i get. The volumes from JustFlight or Horizon Simulations?

My other query is i am going to but a Traffic add-on. But what one should i buy? My Traffic from JustFlight or My Traffic X from Aerosoft?

What ones from the Scery and Traffic add on should i buy for FSX.



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I have Just Flight's traffic 2005 and it's good, has a good range of planes adds to the realism factor

I've got Horizon's uk terrain which is also excellent but it's without night lighting at the moment - that's coming soon as a patch apparantly

Horizon have actually got 50% off their range this week - so might be a good time to buy

Here's a thread i made a while back with a couple of pics of Liverpool with the horizon terrain

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Ok, then ill but Tfaffic from Just Flight but ive just watched a video on just flight with real scenery installed for FSX and it looks pretty good.

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