Digital glideslope?

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I have a very difficult time lining up with the centerline.

Does anyone know if i can somehow get a digital glideslope?

For example:if i am to the left of the runway the digital glideslope

will show 1 degree or something.Then as i get closer it will show 0.5

etc etc until when im exactly lined up it will show 0.

Its very difficult to judge with the analog needles.

Hopefully someone can help out with this.

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Glideslope is vertical, Localizer is lateral. I've never heard of a digital readout for either. The GPS approach will show your course on the moving map and give you a digital readout of how far you are, in nautical miles, left or right from your course. There is no vertical guidance(Glideslope) with the GPS approach and only certain airports have a GPS approach.

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Ok thanks CRJ Capt.

ill try GPS for help with lateral guidance

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