Don't deal with Dell!

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So now you are wondering..why? Maybe you already agree. I learned the hard way. I bought a Dimension and thought that I was getting it with a 1 year free financing offer that they were giving. I already had a Dell Preferred Account.

I got my bill free financing. My parents bought the same computer...same offer and only got 90 days free financing. I called Dell and the told me that they haven't offered and free financing in "many months."

When I caught him in his lie, he backpedeled and gave me some crap about how you have to qualify for it, but they never tell you that you hav't qualified for it until you get your first bill.

The money isn't the issue, but the business practice is. I sent a letter the US Attorney General, as did my parents, and am going to talk with legal rep tomorrow. One nice thing about active duty military is that you get free legal anytime you need it.

Anyhow, tell you friends, enemies, and family not to buy form Dell. You can NEVER talk with a live person and to be honest, they are way too shady. I am still waiting for my Terms and Conditions of the credit card I got through them to come in the mail. They are supposed to send that out within 14 days in the mail. It's been 5 months now.

Goodbye Dell...hope Micheal Dell makes another Billion this month.

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Mmm.... Well I bought my new PC from Dell, on this side of the Atlantic (the UK), and while I am really happy with the PC itself, I also found the financial's a little unclear... They didn't start taking the Direct Debit payments for almost 3 months and I think it was so that I wouldn't notice that the amount (and Interest) seemed to differ from that origibally stated when I bought the PC off the Internet!

Strange.... In the UK, if you call Dell it is possible to speak to a "real" person quite easily but it is an "Offshore" Call Cente, in Bangalore, India and there are some language difficulties....

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It's the same way here in the states.

You talk with them and they never answer your questions, or you get 15 different answers.

I asked this simply question: At what point during the purchase process are you informed if you have received the promotional offer or not. This is what I got:

1. When you sign up for the account you are able to see the Terms and Conditions. It will be there.

So, you must sign up for a new account each time you want to get a promo offer, even if it says "for exisiting customers?"

2. No, you can call us to find out.

Call who? You can't get a live person on the phone, just automated services.

3. There is a "Credit Decision Page" that will have the terms of your sale.

I just went throught the system and tried to buy another Dimension, and at no point did I see this screen that said if I got the no interest until 2005. I did all but submit the order for processing. If you have to submit the order to see if you qualify, that is a violation of federal law...simply put!

Check out this website too:

There are lots of others that are complaining about this exact problem. Very odd, huh?

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Haha, last time I tried dealing with dell, I got a east indian man telling me step by step how to fix my CD drive. I opened up the tower, went through it (I found nothing wrong), and he eventually tells me I have to replace my motherboard. The ENTIRE thing. It works for a couple more days, then the next person I talk to, says that it's my printer acting up. Honestly, they don't know what they're doing over there. How would my printer mess up my CD drive... 🙄

I hope your legal action goes well.

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Wait till they call you back at 1:30 in the morning because it is day time there with a resolution they are sure will fix your problem....."Are you sure your computer is plugged in?" Wall Bashing

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I know you posted way back in Sept. and have probably ironed it all out by now but if there are any questions remaining or you think things still aren't right, contact Dell Financial Services. I have a friend that works for them and I am also living about 2.5 miles from Dell here in Round Rock/Austin, Texas.

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i've had a bad exprience with those people was not financial

i had problem with the pc for as long as I owned it.....wich was 2 the end i gave up and sold it in garage sale...

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TehCookie wrote:

.......then the next person I talk to, says that it's my printer acting up. Honestly, they don't know what they're doing over there. How would my printer mess up my CD drive... 🙄

That depends, if your printer is connected to your parralel port, which happens to try to use the same resources as your CD-Rom tries to use (I/O addresses, DMA channel, IRQ channel) it could be the case.

The odds to that happening are negligible though 😀
Especially since system resource management nowadays is much better than it was in the past. If you have a very very old PC, odds would be slightly higher Wink

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I don't know how is it UK but here where I am living if I want to by a computer I am visiting the local PC shop and ordering a computer with the specification I want which will be installed by him . That way I don't have to put money on unwanted "improvements" or on part I all ready have in my old PC' I know the guy and if I have any problem he will fix it on the spot. In Seattle US where I visiting frequently U can do the same in for example FRY where house. Big names behind computers are nothing because all parts are made usually in China.

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