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Trying to make a new computer

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I was wondering if you guys can help me build a computer that will run perfectly on fsx. There is no pricelimit and yes I have been to all the build your own computer sites and everything but I just dont know enough. Can you guys give me a set up that you guys would like?


well thats easy...go to Dell and get yourself the most expensive Alienware PC you can buy.
or wait for quad core to come out

but careful on your expectations...throwing hardware at FSX doesnt seem to solve a lot of performance problems

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Read thru the article below. They took a few of the highest, top end computers and tested them(even with FSX but at a insane resolution).

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Core 2 Extreme processors or Quad Core
4 Gigs of ram

Unbeatable prices, thats where im geting my top spec system from.

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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Quad core (4x2.66Ghz) 8Mb Cache 1066FSB OEM Processor

EVGA nForce 680i SLI SKT775 7.1channel audio DDR2 ATX Motherboard

2GB's DDR2 Corsair memory (not the cheap stuff lol)

8800GTX (x2) in SLI

That would kinda be my dream computer but it is an overkill, the cpu is about 600 the mobo is about 180 and the memory i expect about 150 to 200 and 2 8800GTX's in SLI 400 pounds each, so if money is no object go for that lol BUT I was thinking of maybe this which would be atleast in the price range which is

Intel E6600

Same motherboard as above

same memory

1 8800GTX

the cpu is about 180

this rig should be fine for playing any game, NOT nessassrily FSX coz even the top end rig wont play it to the max and I will say one thing. WAIT FOR THE DX10 PATCH FOR FSX and all other games with dx10 incorparated as this will certinaly improve performace by loads and u dont need an overkill pc

Hope this helps

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Important to remember though that at present FSX doesn't support SLI or dual /quad core

They work of course but FSX doesn't use their potential

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