Upgrading Your Memory?...Take a Walk on The Wild Side

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I've (like probably everyone else) have been looking at adding more memory to my computer. Anyway, I came across this over at while it's's a little bit out of my budget ($610 😳 ), but I thought some others here might be interested.

Corsair DOMINATOR Twin2X2048-8888C4DF DDR2 Memory

DDR2 memory has come a long way from its humble beginnings as just a few DRAM chips on a sliver of green PCB. Now, memory isn't memory unless it has extravagant cooling systems, DRAM capable of reaching insane clock speeds, and voltage levels which breatk all JDEC standards. Corsair is a pioneer in this area, and much of this companies attention as been focused on high end DDR2 for the serious computer enthusiast.

Corsair has up'd the ante with its new DOMINATOR Twin2X2048-8888C4DF memory. Not only does Corsair increase the stock voltage for this set of memory to 2.4V, it also utilizes a fancy-pants external fan system to keep the modules from spontaneously combustion (they wouldn't actually do that...). Corsair's new DHX heatsinks and the DOMINATOR Airflow fan are the talk of the town.

This marks the first time a company is advising its customers to actively cool certain memory modules. Whether it's a marketing ploy or a necessity for overclockers only, a new boundary has just been crossed... and we like it!

The 2GB Corsair DOMINATOR Twin2X2048-8888C4DF kit tries to offer enthusiast the best of all worlds; these bad boys haverelatively low 4-4-4-12 CAS latency, and a high 1111 MHz operating frequency. At 2GB in total size (1024MB per DIMM) you also know that you're covered fully for high end games and Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. With a retail price of $610 US for the pair, we need to underscore that this killer fast memory is best suited to super computer enthusiasts with equally tuned PCs to match! If you've got a Dell... dude, just keep on walking.

Full Article Here

If anyone here does buy it, I would be interested in reading about their experience with it.

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I am looking forward to buying a new computer so I will probably buy that memory right there. If I get it before anyone else here I will be sure to post about it.

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Jeez, Im find with my RAM. That stuff looks nice, but its too expensive! 😂

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Wow...that list price of $610 is actually a lowball price.

Most places are actually selling it from $700 to $784 😳

The only place I found it for $610 was at

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