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I am sorry for not answering your question regarding the RFP 747. I answered itm in an abbreviated way in the post. Do you want to know more. All the cool screenshots I have been posting has been this aircraft.

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😀 The GPS kid is away for 2 weeks 😁 Tenerife I do belive

Nice...................apart from the roaches,millions of them,oh and the looky,looky men Secret wanna buy a watch..........and the timeshare touts out for every last ££$$ you have.
Nope It is a real nice place,honest

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Hearing Tenerife reminds me of that airline crash there a while back.. Neutral

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Ok, thanks for the news of his being out. You right about all that time share crap.

The tenerrife crash, have you listened tio to the tapes and read the transcripts?! Scary!!! You can listen/read them on,, I think it is

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Ermm...A lot of confusion here

Please note both sites have popups➡

Full transcript here ➡

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That is fantastic!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! It is great!!!!

My favorite, I use that word in the most sensitive sense, is the 1979 DC-10-10 crash in Chicago. My dad went through the sim to replicate it, all the captains had to after the crash. He said he pissed himself.
In the end, the only way to recover from it was to retract the flaps and lower the nose for more speed. Then it flew ok.

You can replicate this by taking off, chopping # 1 engine and retracting the flaps while trying to hold V2+15.


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Hey Gents!

GPS Kid is back.... there he is, right there! It was Gran Canaria that I was at for holidays.... still lots of cockroaches though... but fortunately a sun that insisted on shining 34 lovely degrees my way!

The flight was effortless on the A321.... the highlight was that the CFM engines really SCREAM on N1...! Never heard engines as loud apart from on a 727.

Felt like a standard Airbus Autoland coming down into Gran Canaria...

Anyhoo.... I NOW HAVE 747-200 READY FOR PUSHPACK and it looks absolutely MEGA...... but their is clearly hours and hours of reading ahead.

I thought when I mastered the 737NG (I can Autoland it noe!) there wasn't anything more technical out there in terms of aircrafts but I guess I was wrong as the 747-200 RFP requires everything to be done by the book... there is no "CTRL + E" engine autostart, and everything from the A/C PACKS to the Electrics needs to be done manually.

I'm getting there but I can't currently get the pland to AutoLand - I'm having trouble selecting the "LAND" button... (It physically won't move!)....

Elkin, can you give me the basic sequence that you need to do to get Autoland on.... ie. when do I try and select the 2 APs on, when do I switch to Land mode, etc..

Thanks !

Hell of a plane though, and the External model is gorgeous !

Good to be back fellow flyers!

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First, those maggots at the RFP forums site are crazy. Go there and look what they did to me and how I replied!!!!

I will help you my friend!!!!!! 100%%%

You can IM me, email me alles!!!! yahoo, proplinercaptain That plane is great huh? I can tell you all of its idiosynchrosies and such. The RFP forums are great too!!! Do a search of there forums for various info. There are a lot of download enhancements you can download from the forums too!!!

If you want, you can tell them that I refered you and that I support there product and do all I can do to get people over there to buy the plane.

Anyway, now to autoland,,,,,,,,,, next post.

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1- select the ils freq in BOT navs. 2- set BOTH obs's to the SAME setting for the runway 3- Set the hdg bug to the EXACT setting as the CDI's (Navs) 4- Set the the AP to ILS NOT NAV!!! 5- select 'land' 6- select paddle 'b' to command.

All of this has to be done BEFORE reaching 1500 AGL The book says something about 2500', but it doesn't matter.

You have to have the altitude select engaged throughout the process too!!!!! If the 2 obs's AND the HDG bu do not agree,,, if all three are not the same number, the 'land' selection won't work. Whip

If you are not at Vref etc, your in for a ROUGH landing!!!!!!!!!

I once was too fast on the speed and the nose hit. Doh!

One time I slammed down the flaps at the last moment and the aircraft balloned and BOOOOM!!! Doh!

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Cheers Elkin - Autoland worked first time this time! I was failing to set the second 'Course' indicator to the ILS Runway Heading.

When I set the same ILS HDG into the second indicator it worked first time... allowed me to select LAND, and then to engage the Autopilot B...


It's a different sort of challenge to other 'complex' planes such as the 737 NG... the NG is all about modern technology but with the 747 RFP the challenge is in understanding these old 70's systems such as the INS, which is great !

I'm still needing to use the manual to start APU / Engines, but after that I can set up the EPR, take-off go through FFRATS modes, set up A/P, descend, Approach and Land.... So I'm there on the main parts but there are lots of other bits to learn......

Like Elkin, I can't recommend this add-on enough, it's my joint favourite along with 737NG and PSS A340.... theres a lot to learn and no way of cheating (for example, CTRL+E doesn't work to staqrt engines !).

Superb 2D and 3D cockpits, superb Virtual Cabin, and wonderful Exterior models..... you get dozens of liveries and some great little bonus bits and pieces.

Excellent stuff !

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Hey!!1 I tricked out the aircraft even more!!!!!! I can tell you all about it. You can see some of my screen shots in the gallery. I installed a complete 2d cabin behind the sd part. I know the plane quite well, so squawk 7500 any time bud!!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I'll take a look at those pics now.... I love the VC in this plane but I don't have Active Camera so I can only get as far as the Stairs and no further... I can can use SHIFT + BACKSPACE and go to the lower deck though.... but again, can't walk further forward into the galley.

You seem really skilled on the design side of things - I'm envious!

I was wanting to stick a Panel from one of my Add-ons (from the Just Flight PSS A340) into a different craft (the default 737) but it didn't work.... Any pointers ? Will some add-onm panels not work with some Aircraft ?

(I was wanting to create a hybrid 737 with Airbus common panel, that could make up for my having everything in the world except a good A320.... ).

I do most of my "Short Hops" in the 737NG but occasionally I like to fly Airbus but the A340 is just to big to fly Newcastle - Heathrow !

If anyone can think of a creative way of getting me a A320 aircraft that I can slot the A340 panel into, I'll send them copious amounts on Money... (well, £10).

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Secret No flying for compensation or hire!!!!!!!! Chisle charter is Whistle Don't talk about swapping money for other peoples work. I think that is a bad thing. But sharing and advising, putting other pieces in other airplanes. It is not a copyrite problem.

I put the RFP panel in other planes. RFP made it where you cannot do it,,, BUT!!!! Oooop! Sorry!!! All you have to do is go into the aircraft cfg and change some simple id numbers. Because tha aircraft reads these numbers and only id's with,,, it.

In most cases, All you have to do is remove the ENTIRE panel folder from the aircraft in question and place it somewhere else, or simply keep it where it is and rename it. The file won't be recognized or create any conflict if you name it other than 'panel' Then Just copy and paste the panel you want into the aircrat you want it in. Simple!!! If it doesn't work, it gets,,,, you have to go into the cfg's,, ALLWAYS back up,,,, SHoot! I don't even need to say it.

You can also 'alias. I don't do this. If you just add the entire panel it works better, Yeah, it takes up more HD space,,, but SO?!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Got a little lost there Elk, but I think I'm with you on your last paragraph - great advice - thanks I'll try this tonight and see if I can create my first hybrid plane.....

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You can put ANY panel in ANY plane!!!!! Even a 172 panel in a 747, Unless the designers coded it with a descrete isolation file BASTARDS!!! Censored Censored Puke Up

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