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AnthonyG Guest

Here's some random images from around the world of Concorde. I cannot emphasise enough how nice this aircraft is to fly and navigate.

Departing Syndey

Max Climb and INS enabled, with autothrottles in standby mode, en route to New York

Flying the Canarise approach to runway 13L at Kennedy Intl.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Beautiful shots and a fine aircraft. Clapping More information, where can we get that aircraft?

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mustangpilot First Officer

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked STUNNING!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked

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brownbox Captain

I Want! I want! Nice pics Cool

AnthonyG Guest

You can download it from

It's deffo worth the small fee for this amazing aircraft!

AnthonyG Guest

I should add that it's not a 'start FS and fly' aircraft at all. It's really complex, but that makes it so much more rewarding when you land after a supersonic flight. There's a superb help forum and PDF's with full instructions. I was more than happy learning everything it can do, and there is a 'virtual flight engineer' that moves fuel to balance the CofG for you, leaving you busy with the flying and navigating. You can of course do it ALL manually!

I really love it, can ya tell!

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Sounds good, thanks for bring it to our attention with your great screen shots. Smile I'll have to download it.

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Superb shots of a stunning aircraft!

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Thumbs Up!

Jamie4590 Guest

I recently bought this from and its a dream. You get the incredble aircraft which is a huge improvement over the altitude
software Concorde and lots of documentation which you will need. A very nice addition is a fleet manager and fuel and payload manager which is based on the handheld device designed for Concorde that the actual crews would use to calculate all the calculations which needed to be calculated! I was pretty fluent with the Altitude Concorde but flying the SSTSIM is a much bigger challenge. Excellent pics AnthonyG. Do you use the F1View utility so you can move around the aircraft. There are lots of little animated surprises throughout the aircraft.

Before I do any more flights I'm trying to master the very complex fuel system so I'm prepared for any fuel mishaps. Last night fsp decided to give me an engine 4 flameout just as I was about to engage max climb!

AnthonyG Guest

Hi Jamie,

Nice to read that you're converted to this excellent add-on. The fleet manager is a nice touch, and the fuel payload is a further nice touch for the cruises of different lengths.

I don't use the F1view, those images were all taken from the standard FS viewpoints. I have however download active camera demo, but I'm yet to try it out. There's loads of small animations including an opening cockpit door, 'live' screens at the front of the cabins showing speed, altitude etc and the toilets even flush!

I have not yet mastered the fuel system, however I managed to learn the INS which further makes flying this aircraft more rewarding.

Jamie4590 Guest

fspax gave me a triple INS failure which I thought was a little unrealistic. One or two failing maybe but I think the odds of all three shutting down would be higher than chances of winning the lottery.

AnthonyG Guest

Yea, not sure about all 3 dying. I had INS 1 fail on me while on a short supersonic trip around the north sea and into edinburgh. Halfway round the turn, INS1 failed; I used INS 2 to guide me home, and it did very successfully.

I use CIVA INS, and it's VERY VERY good.

Doyou use MSN messenger of some sort? Would be good to natter to another Concorde pilot Cool

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

wow... my mind is gonna overload here with all the aircraft I see and want to fly. This one is VERY nice and your screenshots really convey a sense of the aircraft and its flight. I'll have to start saving my pennies so I can buy this after I get active camera.

Thanks for sharing!


Been flying this model since release and was really impressed from day one, once linked to the Civa Ins setup correctly along with the original Concorde waypoints you can really get into transatlantic SS flight, Such a pity that the real A/C is now just a footnote in history.

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