Fly Away Simulation


A new day has dawned.

A new type of VA is born.

Bored with the same old RAF clone or civvy airline.

Now at the virtual Ministry Of Defence you can fly for any of three major U.K. armed forces.

Whether you want to fly at Mach 2 in the R.A.F.'s latest interceptors, operate the amazing Harrier from our custom movable aircraft carriers or hunt the enemy in the Army's state of the art helicopter gunships, we have it all.

Control aircraft from AWACS, fly around the world in our heavies and dispense that all important fuel life blood from the VC-10. No matter what your aviation passion we have it all on our free private flight server. You decide which service and rank structure you wish to pursue.

Visit us now at

Pro Member Chief Captain
bawls327 Chief Captain

cant visit the site.



there was a . at the end of the address

Pro Member Trainee
Roger Bates (zrotzel) Trainee

link still doesn't work.

Neil donald Guest

this is the first time iv joined a m=group for flight-sim.. and i foal sooo comfortable with the rest of the group.. its been open for just over a month i think and already has 40+ members and rising(last count)

give us a visit.. and see if your interested

RAFv Pilot Guest

Whats so revolutionary??? Not trying to start a flame war or nothing but its not the first time a VA has included these aircraft in fact I know theres already one Smile.

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