Repaint for my va!!!

Codey Guest

I need a few repaints for my va in a WynneAir livery.(The name of my va)
If someone would plz take there time to paint the following planes in a WynneAir paint i would greatly appriciate it. 😀 Ill give u a link for all the planes i need painted on my site.
Once again could someone do wynne air paints for me plz.
O and if u could could u make a whole thing with panel sound etc cause i donno how and im gonna use them for my site and me. 😉

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Codey Guest

o and when ur done plz email them to me

.Methane Guest

talk to me about this, e-mail me - if you're still looking for a painter.

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wombat457 First Officer

Codey -

I might be able to do your 737 - 700 if you could provide me with accurate pictures of the livery you require.



well i dont really need anything special just has to have WynneAir in black fancy font. And the rest of the plane red. and o i need it to have a black strip down the middle. 😀

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