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American Airlines for a day

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Didn't have anything to do today so i decided to Fly American Airlines lol.....

Trip 1 Denver to Cedar Rapids Iowa in a MD-80

Second Trip Cedar Rapids to St Louis in a Saab 340B

Third trip St Louis to Dallas Fort Worth in a Boeing 767

Trip 1....This MD-80 is Awesome!!! Best Sound Affects i've experienced so far!! Identical to a Real MD-80

Takoff Denver intl

Decent Eastern Iowa Airport

Parked at Eastern Iowa Airport

Trip 2
Takeoff Eastern Iowa Airport

Approach into St Louis

Trip 3
Takeoff St Louis

Approach into DFW

Parked at DFW

That 767 has a flight Attendent that stands at the door....kinda cool....

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Nice! What model is the last one? Download link?

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The 767 is Project Opensky. type in (american) for some reason if you put in american 767 is won't come up with any hits...Its a really nice Aircraft!!!.....wish i had a faster PC though cause its kinda Choppy and it messes with my graphics a little......

FYI : That MD-80 is the Coolest sounding jet exactly like the real thing!!! Had my speakers on really loud to get a real effect! lol ...


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cheers. Ill download them right now! 😎

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Jpalmer the last aircraft looks more like a 757 than a 767. Are u sure it's a 767 ❓ Dont Know

Anyway, thnx for the pics. Real nice. Where did u get the MD80, i like it very much ❓ 🍻

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I got that md 80 at me forever to find an american airlines jet that would work right....i was lookin for a cargo jets and typed in cargo...and that package came also includes a japanese airline livery too.....

I started a Virtual Cargo airline...But im thinkin about changing over to passanger jets....Just so i can fly that AA MD-80 more lol...

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