Cheating crosswind landings

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I've spent 4 hours trying to land a taildraging Cub in an 8kt crosswind!

Here's what I've learned to do - CHEAT - after all, this is a game, a simulation!
When I'm on final, getting close to the fence and about to cut the throttle, pause the program.
Save it as "approach" because I don't want to repeat the 30 minute flight from where I started!

As a none avaitor, landing in a crosswind seems to be the hardest thing about flying. I've been to the FSX learning center and read the topic. Only way I can do it is to cut the throttle, stall at touchdown, and get on the brakes hard, pull the stick back and slam the rudder (and tailwheel) around. works about 1 time in 10.

Save before landing

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Rudder pedals are a necessity with aircraft like the Cub and DC-3, it makes crosswind landings more realistic.

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Crosswind landings in a taildragger are a challenge! 8knts @ 20 degrees would require some experience with a J-3. You need to keep the wing slightly down into the wind on your approach. When you settle in with your stall be ready for weathervaining! You'll need some rudder away from the wind...

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