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i downloaded a zipped file to my documents but i cant get it to run with
FS2004 i moved the file and did all the usuall stuff but eventually when it started flight sim it just said corrupt or missing file BUT THE FILE WAS THERE AND IT WAS COMPLETE

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What's the file and where did you download it? I'm no expert but I'll try to help.
This link may help ➡

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Also make sure that you follow the directions in the Readme file that comes with the zip.

P.S. Despite what CRJ may think, he IS an expert and his advice will 99% of the time solve your problem or lead you to something that will.

(Not trying to kiss your a*** by the way CRJ!!!!) 😂

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Pressure! Aviation things,yes but computers, no. 😂
Thanks for the kind words Odyssey.

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