Name Your Top 3 Favorite Freeware Commercial Airliners


I've downloaded a few now, but my absolute favorite top 3 based on appearance, features and performance are as follows (in no particular order):

* SGA DC10-30 (DC-10-30) with included panel. What a masterpiece! But don't forget to change the fuel/payload settings! And how about those (included) passenger wing views! 😀

* 2 Project Opensky 747-200 (V.2004.1.1.0), with added photo-realistic panel by Massimo Grassi (1st Officers view). Love this plane! The strobes hovering above the wings on ground is my only (minor) complaint. Got to whatch those fuel/payload settings here too. I changed panel config to get passenger views from just behind the wing (I love that view! 😉 )

* 727-200 by Eric Cantu with an added 727 panel by David Reed. Another masterpiece! Panel config once again changed to get passenger wing views. Control surface animations on this plane as well as flap details are awesome! 😳

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I must admit to having a few but i think my favourites have got to be:-
The excellent Kittyhawk productions 737-200

" " " Kittyhawk productions 737-700

" " " SGA MD-80/90 Series. 😀

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SGA DC-10s check

Posky's 747-200F check

Erick Cantu's 727 check

Kittyhawks -200 -700 -800 check

+ iFDG MD-11 👍

I'm refraining from exploring my Aircrft folder otherwise the list will get too loooong 🍅

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