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mike20022 Guest

hi i am hering Morse Code -..- -..- ..-- has anyone else heard Morse Code? and can anyone tell me what it my be?


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ray89 Guest

Not sure in FSX but in FS9 I would think that you are listening to the identifier signal from a Navigational Beacon
Check your radio stack to identify what you are listening to, you can turn it off if you wish



mike20022 Guest

hi i checked the radio stack and turned NAV1 auto selecter to off and it stopped cheers for help.



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mdaskalos First Officer

Hearing it can actually be handy: I tune NAV1 to the frequency of an ILS approach and have its audio turned on. When I get close to the airport, if I'm hearing the "Morse Code", then I know I'm tuned to the right frequency. (Well, at least a frequency at that airport!)


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