true airspeed vs indicated airspeed

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when i am in the learning center in fs2004.......i read the flying notes about the says that you are suppose to excelerate to 320kts after you pass 10,000ft.....but once im up that high i try to go to 320 and it says im when i fly in true airspeed i can get up to 500kts in a climb....but i know you are not suppose to fly true airspeed in the real can someone tell me what the problem is....because my 737 can fly 320 and not overspeed in a climb........oh and 1 more thing.....why does the 747 have a better climb rate at high altitudes than the 35,000ft i can only get up to 280 indicated and 300 is overspeeding?????wuts up with this?

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I just tried the Boeing 777 and it works. How are you maintaining 320 KIAS? If you go past 330 you will overspeed.You have to look at the scale on the left(PFD) and the value in the center not the top. Do you have the auto-throttles on with SPD selected? They actually maintain about 317 but that's good enough. Do you have ALT selected with your cruising altitude set. Set your climb rate to 1500 and adjust it down as necessary, as you climb.

747 is a different airplane then the 777 with different climb characteristics. Above FL260-FL280, climb at Mach not KIAS.

The red dashed line represents the speed limit(IAS) of the aircraft for safety reasons, set by the manufacturer. It's called maximum operating speed(Vmo) at low altitude and Mmo (using Mach) at higher altitudes. The IAS that you reach Mmo will decrease with altitude.

Normal cruise speed for the B777 would be M.80-.82 (Vmo is .84)with an altitude from 34,000-38,000 (not sure of the maximum altitude).

Speed bug does not slide downward to match Mach speed in the climb as it should, select SPD then Mach several times in the climb to get speed bug to move to correct place.

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