No Other Traffic!!


I have set my air traffic settings to 100% but do not have other aircraft present when flying around (even at airports!).

Am I missing something really obvious?

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Try going to a international airport, like chicago or something, if that dont work, talk to Radarman about Ultimate Traffic, or, in a while here, Me, about MyTraffic 2004

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Yes, I have tried that, but no Joy. Have tried other international airports but no luck.

I didn't have this issue with FS2002!!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 Its been along time since I run fs9 without a traffic add on
Try ProjectAI ➡
I used this before buying Traffic 2004 and its very good ,and free

Or have a look here ➡

I know that I added project AI fairly soon after buying fs9 because of a lack of traffic,but I had an add on for fs2002

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Byron Guest

I just landed at Anchorage Intl. There were plenty of planes there and I only have my traffic set at 30%. Keep looking they have to be in there somewhere. 🙂

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