Spot view acting weird?

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Hi all,

I just had a strange thing with spot view: The camera zoomed in way to far, and with pressing - to get it back out it only made it to the tail of the aircraft, like 2 feet behind it. No a nice way to fly.

Does anyone of you guys had this problem and know a solution to fix it in flight?
Any help would be great, thanks!

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anonymouse91 First Officer

That happens to me sometimes. I have no idea how to fix it though.

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oldsamer First Officer

There are 2 different external views of your aircraft, one zooms using the minus and plus keys.

I've forgotten what they are because I got so fustrated by forgetting the mryied key commands that I deleted ALL of them. Now when I hit F11 I get outside locked spot and I'm UNyoked from control surfaces. Hit spacebar and the mouse varies camera angle and mouse wheel controls zoom.

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