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what would cause this?

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i was playing fs9 last night frame rate was locked at 20 and i was getting 19.9 with no hicups. i shut down went to sleep woke up turned on and started up fs9 began my flight and im getting fram rates that are bouncing all over the place from 19 all the way down to 3!!! app is running extreamly jumpy.i even did the exact flight i did last night same plane same everything i restarted everything and it still happens any ideas guys? ❓

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I guess you turned off your computer when you went to bed.

Turning it back on loads all the programs that run in the background. You might have scans such as virus scan etc. scheduled at certain times.
Those scans can impact on your frame rates.

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Its worth doing RUN, typing msconfig

An then seeing what you dont need to be starting up, its incredible how many things are starting up, and running in the background without you knowing... shut down everything but the bare bones and you should claw some extra FPS. The cause though is most likely to be as the above indicated.. something must have been running to be eating into those FPS to that degree....

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Additionaly, If you don't want to spend the time going through all the start-up applications to decide which ones you want to turn off just unselect all of them. When you re-boot your system it will automatically load any that you unchecked that are system critical.

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Oh Really? Well thats a new one on me!! tbh I always used to just turn off the ones I could recognise as not being critical...

so in fact I could turn them all off (uncheck) and upon restart any that are system critical will fire up anyway... Wow thats handy to know..

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ok i reinstalled the drivers for my video card and all seems to be well for now thanks everyone

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