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Hi Guys -

As people now know, Welsh Flyer asked me to do a paint for him of an Air Wales 737-700, and I was more than happy to do that and am glad that he likes the paint.

I would now like to formally let everyone know that I am more than happy to do paints for anyone should anyone want one.

That being said however, it is necessary to understand that my level of experience with paintkits is limited at the present so I am only able to definately offer one plane to paint at this time, that being the following plane:

POSKY 737 - 700
POSKY 737 - 800
DREAMWINGS Embrarer 170

I am happy to look at doing other POSKY model repaints though from their Airbus series through their Boeing Series of aircraft. I am also prepared to try the SMS MD-11 plane that I have also painted in the past.

As I become more proficient with other paint kits, I will add more aircraft to my definate list, if you can call one plane a list.

Should anyone be interested in having me do a paint for them, I would ask that they provide the following information at the time they make the request:

1. Type of aircraft (ie POSKY 737-700)
2. Color scheme (Solid or faded and color/s))
3. Paint Design picture
4. Aircraft name (Ie City of London)
5. Tail Fin LOGO design picture
6. Aircraft Registration No
7. Preffered FONT (Bearing in mind Registration is Arial Black 18 pt)
8. Your EMAIL address (IMPARATIVE)
9. Any other information you think I need to know

If you require a repaint of an ACTUAL airline then I will need the following additionial information:

1. Photo's of the plane (left side and right side)

I stress that ALL request be made via email for the following reasons:

1. For ease of corrospondance
2. So I can send draft pictures and final textures to you
3. So as not to congest this Forum
4. To maintain some privacy with the request.

Only requests made to my email address will be considered and (most likely) accepted.

Should you request a paint then I will adopt the following procedures:

1. Provide you with a confirmation that I will do the paint
2. Provide you with an estimated time frame for the paint *
3. Provide you with "rough draft" pictures
4. Provide you with completed pictures
5. Send you the Texture in zip format.

* I will NOT consider a paint completed unless I am happy with it and have tested it 100%. In my opinion, painting is about quality, not quanitity and as such time is second to the finished product.

In the event that I am unable to do your paint, I will tell you that also and give you the reason why I am unable to do the paint.

I can be contacted directly at

This "offer" has been as a result of some requests I have received from various people already and that some people seem to like my paints.

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Thanks Wombat!

BTW, your site rocks 👍

Everything under one roof without being obtrusive. I might just go and lurk for a while -- or a long while. 😀

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Very professional wombat. Your site is really something, I've added your paintkit section into my favorites. 🍻

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