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ok i have two hard drives.. the os and fs9 and all add ons are on the smaller and older of the two.....question is how do i get fs9 and the addons to the larger newer and faster one? also should i move the os also would this gain anything as far as performance or should i just leave the os be?

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had another question. i was looking on the internet at some forums and i was wondering can a hard drive limit the performance of fs9?

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You can't simply move fs9 to another HDD, you need to uninstall/reinstall it.
Will it make a difference? That depends how small and slow your old HDD is. If it's and old 10gig ATA drive it will be slowing everything down. If it's a not so old 80gig sata drive, you may not visually detect any improvement.

I've never liked to risk it though.... 😉

I run my OS on it's own 74gig 10000rpm Raptor HDD with a seperate 150gig 10000rpm Raptor handling my games.
2 other 7500 rpm Seagates (both 250gig), one for movies & general programs, one for music, my downloaded game resources, pics and general files.
They are all SATA2 drives with my swap files (page file or virtual RAM) taken care of by my 2nd Seagate, I still have a swap file on the OS HDD to handle any dumps but keeping your main swap file on an unused (during gameplay) HDD speeds things up a bit.

FS2004 is just a pup as far as resource demand goes, so my system is probably (read definately) overkill, but when I'm not flying, I'm shooting at people which sucks up all the nutz hardware you can through at it.


When you say OS I assume you mean operating system which is on your C drive. I don't know if its possible to move the OS but I would never attempt it. It could mess up your computer beyond repair. Your operating system is not only contained in the WINDOWS directory but also other hidden places on your computer inclduing the registry. In my experience just thinking about modifying the registry causes severe problems.

It is possible to move just the FS9 folder to any drive you like by right-click dragging it and selecting 'copy here' and I do it after I've added something to it so if I have problems with fs9 on the C drive I can go to the back up fs9 folder on my D drive and transfer files and folders as required. This saves me having to re-install FS9 which would be a real headache not only because its on 4 disks but because of the add-ons I would have to re-install. The size of your hard disk wont improve performance so its best to keep fs9 on the C drive and move other stuff instead so you have enough free space (%15) to run a defrag. If you mainly only use FS this is the best option. If you move the fs9 folder completely to another drive and you have an fs9 icon on your desktop you might need to change the target location from C:program files\fs9.exe to D:\fs9.exe in order for it to run

Tinkering with your OS by moving C:\WINDOWS files and folders could have disasterous effects and will probably invalidate any warrenty you may have covering your system.

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