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A weird problem with ATC has started to occur recently. I don't know if it is something I am doing or something is wrong with the game. All communication is fine with ATC up till the point on my final when they clear me to land. I am cleared to land, but when I touch down and slow down, the tower never recognizes it. Before it would bug the hell out me to exit the runway, but now it just goes on as if i hadn't landed yet and was still on my final and all the other airport traffic remains backed up. The only time the tower contacts me on touch down is if I land on the grass before the runway or on a different runway than the one assigned to me. I thought that I may have been overshooting my landing but I have tried landing before and after the threshold and the same thing happens. The last three times this happened was at LAX, Ontario, and Hong Kong airports. Anyone else having the same problems? If so please offer some suggestions.

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Are you experiencing ATC inattention at airports where it had previously directed you to exit active soonest or at next exit?

Some airports don't play an ATC AI.

When ATC is inattentive are there aircraft cleared to land behind yours?

I only hear "exit soonest" when an AI behind me has anounced landing intent.
Something similar to:
When taxing, if an AI behind me is directed to same active, he gets speed up, hold commands while following me.

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