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What memory test program do you use?
on Vista?
I've got intel utilities on both my computers that includes a windows based "stress test" of memory, storage, cpu, mmx, sound, 2D & 3D graphics, etc.
this works on winXp, But I'm switching to Vista
Microsofts "crash analysis" that boots and runs from CD. This also reads the spd rom chip and reports chip timing.

Does a test program running under windows test all ram or is it better to use a test that runs from CD?

Re; ram temps, intel boards put a reporting sensor at the base of both ram stacks, mine show temps higher than the cpu!

Reason for my interest is $863.00 of Corsair XMS DDR2 modules on the bench that don't work (never did). I like Corsair for their informative web site. But have you used Aneon ram? It's the cheapest on Mwave where my account is.

Thanks for your response

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Please use PMs! This helps keep the forums looking neat and tidy..

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apollogy, wasn't thinkin

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