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anyone know how to duplicate and move structures around in fsx? ie place an offshore oil rig closer to the coastline

thanx for any help

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This should do it.

Rwy12 Object Placer works fine with FS-X

After testing we found out that “Rwy12 Object Placer” works fine with FS-X. This was actually expected because Rwy12 is based on the relatively new XML format and all objects in the 40 contributed libraries are made with Gmax. Luckily, it also turned out that Microsoft did not change the GUID numbers of the default objects.

Latest news, "Ebenezer" found out that you can update a Rwy12 scenery (in FS-X) without the need to exit and reload the sim. Please see here;


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well that helped out hugely, thanx

but for some reason even after i create a bgl for the object i want to place, and updating the scenery in fsx, ive even also restarted fsx, my object doesnt show up, i cant figure out y though, i must be missing something and its probably simple

yes it was simple, the attribute altitudeIsAgl=true for objects on land and false for objects placed in the water

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