Project Opensky A340

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hi there, anyone have the South African Airways A340 downloaded from the Project Opensky website? if you do and it works ok can you help me out please!

i have downloaded it, it says copy all files into FS9 main folder. I have done that and it works fine apart from in the 3d cockpit mode the gauges dont work! there is no instruction on the gauges or there are no folders either! in the panel cfg. there is writing for gauges?

any help would be great


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i will delete the one i have now and try one of these ones on the link you sent me! cheers, hopefully it works as its a nice plane when its working apart from that i had no gauges!

will let you know if i have any luck!


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mmm. redownloaded it on the link you sent me and the gauges on the VC still do not work! the cockpit is there but thats it! i dont normally have a problem with downloading planes but this one is a hassle, unless its a dud?

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will give it a bash and see if it works thanks...

let you know what happens!

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"this file no longer available"

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Ouch 😳 why don't they update their site..

Not all is lost though. You could download this aircraft and use it as your base model.
This is a complete a/c with VC... yes and the missing gauges.
All you have to do then is add South African Airways textures. Easy.

I took a couple of screenies to show you what you can expect:

This a/c is a -200, so when you add textures, they have to be for the -200, not the -300. Idea

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Talking of the Project Opensky A340, has anyone attempted and succeeded in replacing the awful oversized lights?

I love the Opensky aircraft, but am looking into making the lights more realistic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Tailhook, thanks for the help, i have downloaded the a340, its not to bad, i will get the textures for SAA later this evening, its a definately a airbus, not as user friendly on approaches as a boeing..

thanks again

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