Just a couple questions on repainting

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yes, i am quite new to the business of repainting and I just have a few questions on the specifics:

~What are the Alpha channels and files? Are those just backup?
~With photoshop I can't save to a bmp. Can I just ave it as another file type and change the extension later?
~What changes need to be made to any .cfg files?
~What textures must be needed to complete the aircraft?
~Can I just edit the psd files and replace the old textures with the new files?

If i need to be clearer just let me know, thanks!

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How To Be A Repainter-Part One

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HI Pilatflyr -

I am not an expert by any means in re-painting but I will try to answer your questions so you have an idea. When all is said and done though, follow CRJCapt's advice and look at that Tutorial.

1. Alpha Channels are the files that determine how "shiny" the plane and parts of the plane are. They are NOT just backup files.

2. Whilst doing your paint work they should be saved in PSD format. Once you have completed the paint and are ready to save to your plane folder in FS2004, you change the format from PSD to BMP, then open each texture in DXT3 and SAVE AS "extended BMP format" back into your plane folder.

3. Each new texture you add to a plane needs its own cfg entry in the planes Cfg file. The things that HAVE to be changed are as follows:

a. The FLGTSIM NUMBER - from Fltsim.0 to fltsim.1 then 2 then 3 and so on for each new texture

b. The TITLE of the texture






4. I dont really understand this question, but ALL of the textures for the aircraft are needed.

5. Yes you can, infact that is the best way to do things. When you create the new texture folder in the main planes folder, copy ALL of the textures fromthe main plane then simply replace the textures with the new paint textures you have created. ie BODY, TAIL FIN etc.

Hope this helps a little, but read the tutorials is the best thing to do.

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Pilatflyr, don't believe wombat457 when he says he's no expert. 😛 You can see his fine work in the repaint forums, he knows more about repaints than I ever will. Read the tutorial but ask wombat457 for advise. 🙂

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