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Is there a simple way of ensuring that "Progressive Taxi" and A.I. aircraft track the taxiways,gates and general parking of installed third party airports? At the moment my A.I. aircraft taxi on the grass and finding a gate is almost impossible.I realise that they are, in fact, just following the course of the default airport but surely there's some simple solution to this annoying problem. I'd be most grateful for any advice


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😀 Most good add airports will come with an Afcad file which will stop that sort of thing

Search Avsim or other for afcad files for the airport you want

I think you can place it in the fs folder manually but d/load Afcad2 and it will do it all for you,plus there are other things you can do such as add taxiways,runways,parking,add ILS and so on

Also with this tool you can sort out that dead airport that you land at,just add more parking

If you are feeling adventurous have a go yourself(a lot of trail and error,and restarting the sim to check things out)

Hope it helps


Thanks TTT. I'll give your sugestion a try.



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