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I've reached the ATC portion of the Private Pilots License and am enjoying the added buzz of realism that comes from the radio chatter as I'm flying.

We take off from one airport and fly to another close by and when we're nearly there Rod tells me that he'll let me tackle the last bit myself and then promptly shuts up (oh joy) and lets me follow the ATC's instructions to join the pattern (Hark at me! I'm a pilot I am!!) and bring my Cessna in for a landing.

Well I fluff the landing in the strictest sense, which is to say that it wasn't pretty! I mean I'm not winning any awards for that and no mistake.

But the important thing is that despite all the wavering about on the glide path and the floating thing delaying the actual touch down... I DID make it down in one piece and more importantly the plane is in one piece and any landing you can walk away from..right?

At which point Rod pipes up and says something like "Good attempt, but you didn't land on the runway and you didn't stop on the runway."

Well I take exception to that so I do!

I might not have landed or stopped exactly where I expected to on the runway. But I DID land on it and I DID stop on it!

So my newest question is this...

Is this ere one of them there bugs? Or is there a certain portion at the beginning of the runway, which is set aside for a successful attempt. (Like catching the wire on a carrier) Landing outside of which brings up a standard (and inaccurate) message.


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Dear Badger

I am interested to know if this product is made by the same company that does Cargo Pilot.

In Cargo Pilot I had a similar experience, where I had to fly to an airport to deliver the cargo. However, upon reaching the co-ordinates and what was clearly showing as landing strip on my GPS, there was nothing but a rocky shoreline. I was even flying in a Caravan Amphibian, so I landed as close as I could and taxied up to the centre of the area shown on the GPS. When ending the flight I was told I had failed, and was deducted the money accordingly!!


AirBadger Guest

Hi Rich

It's just the flying lessons in FS9 I'm babbling about. 🙂

AirBadger Guest

I'm slipping slowly down the page here... come on flightmeisters, I'm used to your wisdom gushing forth unbridled! 😉


AirBadger Guest

Never mind 🙂 I just did a nice landing close the beginning of the runway and got a pat on the back. So I guess that the answer to the original question does not really matter.


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