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Piper Seneca for FS2002

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I searched over alot of sites searching for a Piper Seneca
I used an FS98 model when I had Windows 98 but it seems like Windows XP doesn't allow the "3rd party software" wich are in the model included.
I tried the FS2004 plane to but it wasn't tested for FS2002 so that one didn't worked..

Are there any Piper Seneca's for FS2002?

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Bartfs Guest

But the aircraft... 😳

It is really bad 😞
It's not like the Seneca's in real Crying or Very sad

A question anyways,
What will happen to my add-on scenery's and aircraft when I
uninstall and then install FS2002 again??

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You'll probably loose the scenery but keep the aircraft, your better off cleaning it all out and doing it clean.

Here is one very cheap now.


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