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Hey guys,

I am looking around for airlines (in the U.S.) that charter out there MD 80s. It looks like Airtran (really B717s) is the only one. UA doesn't fly them, DAL doesn't charter theirs out, COA doesn't fly them (anymore) and same with USA. But my question is...AAL must right? They have the largest fleet in America (around 300) and my guess is they charter them out as oppose to their 737s for medium sized aircraft, howeve I can't find anything about charters on their sites or any others (kind of wierd considering all other main airlines have links to their charter services. Any help on AAL's charters or other U.S. companies chartering their MD 80s/B717 would be appreciated! Thx in advance!


**********I forgot to add in that NWA charters their DC9s***************

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anyone... ❓

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Sorry I cant find anything myself personally...

Might be worth a try emailing Boeing, and if you tell them its for a project or something they may be able to help you. Or at least point you in the right direction...

(Boeing own MD)

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