what have i done?

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i know that your answer will probably be "how the heck should i know?"
but i'm gonna try anyway.

when i run fsx everything seems normal (normal for my computer)
when i leave the flight, instead of going back to the screen where i set up a free flight, all i get is asmall pic of what ever airplane i was using, in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and if i re-start the computer, everything goes back to normal. fs9 does this as well, but when i set up the flight, the place where the plane i chose should be rotating, is just a black box. i start the flight, everything is fine. i close the flight, and my monitor becomes a bunch of horizontal lines made up of the desktop pic, untill i restart. i was doing a little tinkering this morning trying to get higher frames. i didnt do anything special, but i don't know whati did that caused this. any ideas?[/b]

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"how the heck should i know?" 😳

Seriously now, I have similar issues when I do a lot of tinkering within and outside of FS while I'm downloading at the same time. It gets to the stage where the wrong windows appear and commands have unexpected results.
So far, rebooting my computer has always sorted out the mix-ups.

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It sounds like issues with your video card.
Old, going bad, high AA settings (make it 2 or 4X), corrupted drivers.

Low ram will do some of that also.

How about giving us your computer specs.


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it seems like you were correct about the aa setting being too high. i bumped it back to 2x from 4x, and now it works like it normally does. i will post my specs below in case you might reccomend a tweak or two that might help. i'm kinda maxed out on what i can do to the computer other than add more ram, but i have to save my pennies for that.
i see about 10-12 fps using the default cessna 172, if i fly over the water it goes up to about 19-21 in fsx.
in fs9, i see about 10 more frames than fsx doing the same thing, only with way more detail, most of the sliders to the right. in fsx, the sliders are set low to med on almost everything.
i have cfs2 but i never checked what i get there, i rarely play it.

dell dimension 2400
pentium 4 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz 1 GB ddr ram (2X512)
30 GB C drive
200 GB E drive
nvidia geforce 5500 (pci slot, not pci-e) 256 mb video memory
(was the best one i could find)

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Not much you can improve on since that's the best card for PCI and you dont have an AGP slot.

Get another gig of ram (if you can) and that would be about it.
You can "play" with the settings, cutting back on the ones that eat the most (traffic, shadows, autogen and clouds).


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