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dehaviland beaver

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I was watching a prog on motors tv where they were showing about a guy who commuted through alaska by seaplane. It was a dehaviland beaver. Some of them have wheels...

Is there a seaplane out for fsx which can do both on land and at sea. In my standard version of FSX my seaplane only can land on sea.


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gazpodel wrote:

Is there a seaplane out for fsx which can do both on land and at sea

DeHavilland DHC2 MkIII Turbo Beaver Amphibian 'C-FOPA'

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i just downloaded this plane, it's beautiful, and it flies well too Smile

but i am not getting any sound. i have installed many planes in fsx and fs9 without a hitch but this time i am stumped. much of the sound files are in a folder named "fsfsconv" where should i have put that folder? i am guessing that is what i did wrong, it is the first time i have seen that folder, it seems to contain all the sounds.

btw, i noticed alot of posts that repeat the same question over and over.
every one got a polite answer. that's pretty cool. you don't see that kind of patience with every forum.

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cheezyflier wrote:

...a folder named "fsfsconv" where should i have put that folder?

It's one of those cases (Tinmouse is another one that comes to mind) where the developers assume that you not only have the conv sounds but that you have those sounds in a separate conv sound folder in a particular location.

If you don't have those, just put any single prop sound folder into the Beaver aircraft folder and you should be in business. Make sure that the sound folder you're using is called "sound" and nothing else. If there happens to be another sound folder already in the Beaver aircraft folder, rename it "sound.orig". This way you won't have to overwrite and will still be retaining the original.

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i followed your instructions, and it still wasn't workin'
i thought "man! what am i doin wrong!!!???"
then i realized i was puttin the sounds in the folder for the ai beaver, not the flyable model 😂

it just goes to prove, make something idiot proof, and nature will produce a bigger idiot. 🙄 good thing my medication don't have child proof caps on it!

thank you Smile

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Are you saying you got it working now?

I'm still a bit confused with the kind of medication you're ingesting Umm...

Maybe we could exchange experiences should the need arise 😀

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cheezyflier Captain

yes, it's working perfectly, thanks for your help

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interstingly enough, i downloaded a mission just a little while ago that has a repaint of this plain (water camo, very cool looking, too)
anyhow, when i downloaded it, i got this window about some of the files being the same, and if i continued writing them they would over write. i figured, heck it's the same plane, so, i just let it over write. then i went to fly it and there was no sound again, and i had to do the procedure again that i did in the last one. move the sounds from THEIR sound folder, into the proper sound folder. one is inside of another. i just thought i'd mention that in case anyone else had trouble with this. untill it was explained to me what to do, i was as lost as mr magoo.

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