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Hey Guys,
Brett Lowe Speaking, Im the Founder of southwest virtual airlines. We are looking for pilots that know how to fly a boeing737. An ATC. Our site is go there to send in an application. We are looking for a COO And A PRES. This is a clan so if you want to bring your va on the server, the teamspeak server is66.29.87.131:8017 An yes it will be up. Well i hope i get to see some of you guys up at 32,000 feet someday, Thanks an have a good day.

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Hi I just got fsx and im not a big fan of 747 but i love 737,CRJ lear jets and 757. I have no add-ons and have nothing but fsx and i fly the A321 and mostly the 737.Here are my questions, does fsx work for this VA and i can land a 737 but not the best landings. I love southwest, Its my favorite airlines so is it good for me to join or i need fs9 or need more practice flying?

Thanx for posting

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