How do I get a painting program??

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I am interested in starting a Virtual Airline. I would like to repaint some various aircraft for this purpose. I have already looked at management programs but I am still in the dark about painting programs.
Could you recommend some programs that would do the job? I would be very happy.

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will CorelDraw! work for editing paint schemes?

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Hi! welcome to the forums.

To do re-paints you can use the following

Adobe Photoshop
MSpaint *if you REALLY want to*
Abacus. FS Design Studio V3

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To answer your question you should buy a program/graphics editor.

There are many topics in this forum that'll answer all of your questions, start here:

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Hello 96jackson -

My advice on Paint Programs would be to use PSP 7. There are two main reasons that I would suggest PSP and they are:

1. 99% of Painting Tutorials are written for PSP (very important) and,
2. it is more "user" friendly and flexible than Photoshop (I have both and now only use PSP V7)

I would also recommend, once you start painting, to also get FSRepaint to use as your "preview" program rather than having to DXT3 your tectures all the time.

Finally, I might be interested in painting some aicraft for you - at the moment, specifically the 737-700, CRJ-200 oe Embraer 170.

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