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😀 Ok I just tried this and it works
If you run the sim with the nocd patch follow this ➡

1st dig out your fs9 cds and insert cd1
Open the cd and copy the fs9exe.file to a folder(make a new one on your desktop)
2nd Open up My Computer/C/Programs/microsoft games/fs9 .Remove the fs9exe file to your desktop,(if you dont it will overwrite it)
open the folder with the new fs9exe and drag or copy it to the fs9 root folder
3rd D/load the fs9 update and run
4th Replace the fs9exe file in the root folder with the nocd fs9exe which is in the folder on your desktop

Job done 😀

Microsoft say that the update will not work if the exe file is updated in any way??
They would.wouldnt they

Whatever you do its worth keeping the original fs9 exe handy......just in case

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Just a quick update
If you use FSUIPC make sure you have the most upto date one ➡

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Are you saying that the old crack when replaced after the sim is patched still works?
I saved the original exe in a folder.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Yes
But you need the original fs9exe in place to run the update,then swop it back

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Umm... Thanks TTT, I'll have to Umm... for a while before I do it.

MS <--- Radar

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It didn't seem right, MS want the NO-CD out.
This is from the download page at their site.

Note: This FS9.EXE will require a CD in the drive for Flight Simulator to run. If any action (such as re-installing a modified FS9.exe via a 3rd party add-on software installation) causes an overwrite of the updated FS9.EXE, you will lose significant fixes included in the Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight (update).
So, the patch is working with the NO-CD in there but not to the full extent that it was intended for. They still want to retain control over your software.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

RadarMan wrote:


It looks as if MS still thinks they own the software that I paid for.

So, the patch is working with the NO-CD in there but not to the full extent that it was intended for. They still want to retain control over your software.


Im not so sure about the sim patch working to the full extent,Microshaft would say that wouldn't they Liar (I will test tomorrow with the original exe and the cracked one and let you know)but for now I just wanted to beat the bas Censored s and run the sim without the cd
So far, it seems ok with all the added scenery and mesh that I have working well
To really test I will have to do a frame count at a couple of busy airports
I will also test on the clean install pc that I have at the moment(that was how I found out today,just incase)

If we all keep a eye on other forums and see if a new crack comes out or another way of doing it, and report it here

Unfortunately nearly all software has a user agreement which says that they own the software,not just Microshaft

Something that has been bugging me for a while is the fact that my firewall shows activity as I shut fs9 down(is it reporting back?)

If the old crack is holding things back,it shouldn't be too long before someone updates it

Idea How are the other forums reporting this ❓

When will all these software giants learn that if the sold there products at a lower price they wouldn't need all this antipirate stuff because if it was cheap enough it would kill the pirates anyway...............Well maybe

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The only thing that I can think of is that the old crack will negate the mesh, the bridges would be too obvious, if it worked that way the FPS wouldn't show an increase.
The other forums are reporting the same.
The crack works but what isn't fixed, very little fps. The most reported an increase is 4, the least .3.
Many are having scenery (mesh) problems.
The biggest discussion is at flightsim.
Don't forget we are the only large forum that not only allows talking about the crack we also have it. Flightsim and Simflight are very tight-arse about that.

I'll be interested to see what you get with and without the crack, I think that they worked it out to their benefit, how paranoid can they be.
Let them "sniff" the CD before you install the patch to see if it matches your key number.

Knck, knock it's the software police at my h/d.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just thinking, what are they going to do we hen the next one comes out on a single DVD instead of 4 CD's.
Will you have to put the entire game in to get it scratched, will they replace it immediately. Wall Bashing


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michlin First Officer

I just installed the update. I experienced on no problems at all. When I originally installed FS 2004 earlier this year I renamed "fs9.exe" and then put the nocd fs9.exe in Flight Simulator 9 folder. So it was just a matter of moving my nocd executable to another folder and renaming the original back to fs9.exe. I then updated.

After the update I took a (quick) flight out of Boston, my home base. I immediately noticed that when I used my joy stick hat to take a look out the left or right window I didn't experience some of the lags in scenery rendering that I usually did before the update. I also noticed the Mystic and Longfellow bridges looking much much improved.

I have restored my (nocd) fs9.exe and I will need further reviewing to see if I can recognize what Microsoft has described as losing some of the benefits of this update. So far it all looks good. 😀

Btw, I have a long standing habit, before I do any major changes such as updating any of my programs, I always created an image of the partition where the program to be updated is installed. I use Drive Image. If major unexpected negative events occur I can quickly restore that partition to its pre-update state in minutes. Be prepared!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Thanks michlin It'll be interesting to hear what loses or problems you experience with and without the NO-CD crack.
Backups are always an excellent idea, too many of us don't do it.


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Elkinallen First Officer

Tomthetank Did you mean to say 'Microshaft'? HA! HA! HA! Yes 👏

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😳 Ok after some intensive testing with the nocd crack and with the original fs9exe file on 2 PC's

PC1 (mine) XP Pro and loads of other stuff
XP 2800
1500 DDR pc2700 ram
5900GS /256mb
80 Gig H/D

PC2 XP Pro and fs9 only
512 DDR pc2700
5200 128mb Asus
120 Gig H/D

1st test PC1 nocd crack All sliders set to max
Flew from Heathrow east along the Thames at 2500ft FPS 15 to 30 (set to top out at 30)
15 FPS from take off and increasing the higher and further away from the airport
All the new bridges were there,but changing views did bring a momentary slow down in the autogen and FPS
2nd test fs9 exe
As above but FPS now from 22 to 30 and changing views still had a slight dip but autogen much faster and maybe generating scenery a bit further away
2nd pc test as above nocd
Really struggled to take off FPS from 1 Yucky to 10 Yucky
With the fs9exe FPS 7 to 24 which I think is darn good 👍

So there you go,the fs9 update works wonders on the autogen,providing it is working with the fs9 exe file

For me,I have put the nocd crack back as I had a fs2002 cd shatter in the drive,taking the cd drive out aswell(££$$$£) Censored
But if you have a low spec pc or gfx card it maywell be worth you running fs9 from the cd

So Microshaft is calling this an update.....I think it should have been called a FIX

So hopefully as you read this someone somewhere is Hack making a new nocd crack that will let the autogen work as it is supposed to

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