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Graphics Problem.


Hey I have just installed 2004 and very fast however when I look at detail on scenary It doesn't look like it should in the pictures...
So I went to change it in settings, tryed to slide the sliders across and none of them moved...I know the game is more demanding but I have more than the specified specs.

I have
96MB Graphics (Intel non-T&L)
and I have enough HDD space so I don't see why there is a problem as I could run 2002 with full graphics and it would run smooth... Please tell me if there is some sort of fix or If I don't have the right specs...Thankyou 🙂

(Soon to be Man-kk)

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For one you don't have alot of ram. Min 1gig 2 would be better.

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you have enough of a system to run the sim.
the fact that the sliders do not move suggests that there is a genuine problem. sounds like a graphics card problem. try new drivers

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You need more ram and a better card but that's not the problem your having.

This will cure that.



Hey thanks I think that has cured the problem! Also my specs are fine to run it I just can't go much higher than around medium high, to keep good performance 🙂. Thankyou again and I will be joining this site soon.


(Soon to be mankk)

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