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rachelkent Guest

hello everyone, not sure were to post this so i will just post here.

i just have a couple of questions about during flight on fs2004.

I have read as much as i can from the flight leasons without getting to confused by all of it to get my awnsers. I seem to have no problem starting up from a parking spot,taxing to the runway and then getting up in the air. getting to a specific airport is no problem either but when i get there i am having trouble lining up with a certian runway and then my landing is VERY shaky. so my first question is how do i get lined up with the runway ? when i normaly go to an airport i have to fly past it about 5 miles, then turn back and then i line up the heading but sometimes when i get near the airport the runway is a half a mile to my left or right. an then agian i am not sure if i am getting to the aiport the correct way. i currently use the flight planner to get to an airport and try to stay on the route line giving on the map but then i have to check the map every minute or so just to make sure i am even still heading in the right direction. how do i get to an airport if i dont want to use the flight planner and just want to fly to werever ? and last, what is the best distance for preparing for a landing once lined up directly to the runway ? 4 miles ? 5,6 ? and do i always use full flaps for landing ?


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Read this and see if it helps you make a more realistic approach and landing:
Good luck! 😉

Air-Head Guest

Rach-Kent, sounds like your currently planning the route on the Flight planner, then taking off, and flying VFR towards it with no other navigational aids other than the Map?

Which is ok, if thats how you want to fly there. However you can lessen your workload by either using the Auto-pilot to navigate, or by using the GPS unit to monitor your flight, rather than opening the Map each time..

My advice would be to manually adjust the "flightplan" you create in flightplanner so the path taken, doesnt just take you straight to the airport, but rather approaches it lined up with the runways...

When you edit the plan, you can drag the line to any VOR's or Intersections, that will line you up with the airport your flying too...

The Link will have everything you need anyway by the looks of it, but I was bored at work so i thought id type some stuff.... 😂

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