Blocky corrupts scenery in FSX

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Hello All

I hope someone can help me with this problem. I just purchased a copy of FSX after having downloaded and playing the demo which was beautiful.

The problem I am experiencing with my copy of FSX is corrupt and / or blocky scenery at all display settings.

Anyone else have this kind of experience?

Core 2 E6400
Asus P5L-mx mb
2.0 g ram
Ati X1950 Pro
2 - 250 gig WD sata hd
XP Pro SP 2 OS


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Nice system specs.

Download and install this patch according to instruction's, if you continue to have problems come back.

By the way, I have a similar setup (6700) and the ATi X1950 512mb each X1950 in crossfire and just installed the latest drivers. I think 7.12 or 14 and they are great.


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