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hi folks... i recently started playing fsx... i'm doing pretty well... but i have one problem:
in the beginners flight from Rome to Naples sometimes the throttle adjusts itself for maximum and there is nothing that i can do about it... its really annoying and i cant finish the mission. and when im trying to adjust the throttle back like it was before its not working and i have to go back to the last place i saved from.
can someone help me?

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I don't think I've that same problem on the mission. I've had the plane just start turning and bouncing around on me, but that is about it. What I've started doing is turning on the auto pilot so that if it happens, it ends up correcting itself.

The only time I've seen this happen is when landing the Airbus (I can't remember if that is the plane used in this mission). If you come in off the glide slope or it looks like you are about the crash, the auto pilot's TOGA (take off, go around) kicks in automatically to 'save' you.

Does that make sense?

Get in the habit of saving your missions at certain points. Though getting the practice is always nice, having havig to redo everything is good too.

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Or turn off the auto-throttle (it's pre-engaged on the airbus)

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done... in fact i was flying a little bit slow... anyway that was my problem. and it happens only on airbus.

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