Installing/configuring AI Aircraft.

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I have been tweaking my AI routes a bit and changing the paint on some AI aircraft lately. An example is when a couple of UPS B-757's and FedEX B-727's were parking at main terminal(s) and of course occupying valuable & limited gate space. I have also recently seen a Northwest MD-80 overseas and a Southwest 737 half a world away from where it should be. 😳

I was thinking that I would just go ahead and repaint these inappropriately gated A/C with corrected local liveries or maybe just delete them and add geographically specific pre-configured A/C and routes via various D/L's from the web like from Project AI.

I have attempted to do what I have mentioned above (delete some and add new AI.) I have done some repainting to bulk up the existing locals. My issue is that I added a few new AI routes into the FS9 A/C folder now they are not showing up and I cannot seem to find them anywhere. 🙄

Yes, the good old 'not showing up' problem had reared it's ugly head yet once again. Embarassed

Here's the dumb question. I am wondering where exactly are you all putting these addon AI flight plans? I thought it was just AI Installer and regular FS9 A/C Folder? Not rocket science but somewhere I have gone wrong with it.

In addition, anyone had issues or config. trouble with the traffic toolbox? -Maybe we have to register FSUPIC to get ability to tweak AI routes etc. in toolbox?

Quick Example: In the Traffic Toolbox I am having success with changing paint and re-creating some existing AI routes, but it seems to just allow the user to go so far. Cannot tweak waypoints or set departure and ETA times.

AI specialists sought for config. advise!

-All apologies for being a bit vague and general in terms of the scope of what it is that I am attempting to do. I am admittedly completely new to configuring routes, repainting and installing AI.

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