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I have a joystick with twist for rudder and have reduced the sensativity in the settings but it's still far far too sensative. Next to the sensativity slider theres another option called 'Null zone'. What is this and will it make the rudder less sensative if pushed either way?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Mustangpilot, let's look at this first:

"Flight Simulator's preset sensitivity for joysticks is in the middle of the range, and the response rate is average. You can adjust these sensitivities; experiment to find the setting you like best.

"Sensitivity" refers to how sensitive the joystick is for a given axis. For example, with high sensitivity, the slightest movement of the joystick will have a large effect on the aircraft's controls in Flight Simulator.

"Null Zone" refers to how much "dead space" there is in a given joystick axis center position. For example, with a large null zone, you will be able to move the joystick slightly before it has an effect on the aircraft's controls in Flight Simulator."

This is straight out of the Learning Center. You find it under Key Topics / Joysticks, Yokes, Throttles and Pedals.

Check it ou and see if it makes any sense - good to see ya 😀

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Cheers Tailhook, i really must learn to read!! 😂

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