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Cougar Virtual is now recruiting

Cougar Virtual offers to provide members with the very best, point-to-point scheduled European routes and many continental, or ‘long haul’ flights, and offer a professional and realistic virtual airline and aircraft appealing to flight simulator enthusiasts all over Europe and the world, to achieve this we will develop our pilots with any training they require and establish a lasting friendship with our virtual flight crews.

Cougar Virtual currently has 3 operating bases throughout the UK, Bristol, Liverpool John Lennon and London Stansted; it is a truly European operation and will continue to grow with time and technology.

Cougar Virtual operate the Boeing 738, 752, 763ER and the Lockheed L1011-500 TriStar

Cougar Virtual pilots fly online via the ‘International Virtual Aviation Organization’ (IVAO) environment, to ensure realism and to get a sense of belonging to an airline; we also utilize the (FREE) Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS) program for tracking our crews with it's live ACARs and automatic PiRep system.

Cougar Virtual is a new ‘VA’ and so is still growing into its full potential, over time we will be introducing more features for flight tracking, new routes and aircraft, and even divisions, but for now we ask you to bare with us and be patient, we promise you won’t be disappointed with the finished product.

Cougar Virtual is not intended to represent any real world Company or organization; this is purely a virtual environment for Microsoft Flight Simulator users.

Cougar Virtual also provides a choice of 3 Tours over 87 different locations stretching from The United States to Hong Kong leaving you spoiled for choice. Boost your flight hours & Earn Company Awards

Want to find out more?

Visit us at

We are looking for new members with the following skill sets, if you have these and would like to get involved in an up and coming VA then let us know.

    Model Painters
    Website coders (php/MySql)
    Graphics Designer

In addition to the above, if you feel you have something to offer and would be interested in joining a staff position, let us know.

To Find out more, visit us at

RAFv Pilot Guest

I can reccomend this VA as being a proffesional and well run organisation, I know most of the members and I can honestly say you'll never meet friendlier people.

Pro Member Trainee
Toby Turlington (vdd2096) Trainee

My name is Toby Turlington. I have little experience in PHP/MySQL but mainly know the basics. I have been working with php/mysql for about a year now but have not exceeded basic knollege due to school. I use Dreamweaver 8 as my coding program. I use tutorials out there and books as references so i can learn more advance coding but will take some time.

You may contact me at


Toby Turlington

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