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Avalon Airways Announcement

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Calgary, AB, Canada- Avalon Airways has announced the official arrival arrival of the two newest additions to their fleet. The newest Additions, a Boeing 757-200 and 767-300ER, were on lease/buyout agreement from the Ireland based carrier Spéir Éire. Avalon CEO, Andrew Fisher was quoted as saying "We are very excited about the arrival of these two aircraft, we feel that they will bolster our domestic and international fleet and give us the resources we need to meet our Q4 2007 goals." The CEO was also quoted as saying he will be making some announcements in the coming weeks about further plans for 2007. "Our plans for 2007 Have largely been hush hush until now, in the coming weeks we will be making some announcements for our plans for the rest of 2007."

The Aircraft are scheduled for repainting on the next B-check, until then they will remain in the hybrid Avalon/Spéir Éire livery.

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