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Hi Everyone

I have a few questions. First I live in Philadelphia, Pa USA it’s 2:35 PM Friday. What part of the world is Flyaway located in? Does anyone know of any 3D missions in FSX?

Now for the last one for now. I’m looking for the file that has the definitions in it. I’m trying to setup a CH products MFP script and don’t want to have to enter all the control names. The file will have entries that look like this

Level-Stabilizer SHF x
Elevator-Trim-Negative CTL KBDOWN
Elevator-Trim-Neutral SHF KBUP
Elevator-Trip-Positive CTL KBUP
Alienor-Trim-Left CTL KBLEFT
Alienor-Trim-Neutral SHF KBLEFT
Alienor-Trim-Right CTL KBRIGHT
Rudder-Trim-Left CTL z
Rudder-Trim-Neutral SHF z
Rudder-Trim-Right CTL x

Anyone know how I can get my hands on the file?


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