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Hi All,

I have done paints from the US, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Austria and god knows where esle over the past month and a half (which feels like a year and a half) so I thought it might be a good idea to do one representing where I live. This is my 737 - 800 QANTAS, in and out of Brisbane ...

Mind you - I'm not from Brisbane, just that is the best textured airport in Australia I have 🙂 If anyone knows where I can get top scenery for Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart and Perth - I'd appreciate it 🙂

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Very nice very professional ya I just saw another post in jet blue colors in an airbus? 😳 wow a bit far from your traditioal 737 Cheers 🍻

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HI Karlw -

Nice to see a new face in here, well new to me anyway. Thankyou for your comments about the QANTAS and I am assuming you are talking about my JETBLUE A320 ? Perhaps they are a bit far from me at the moment, but with any luck at all - they will be right on my doorstep in a couple of months 🙂

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man if karl is a new member then he must post up a storm because he has over 750 post.

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Another stunner Wombat457, if you're looking for great Australia scenery apparently this is the best there is

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👍 -what else can I say Dont Know 🍻

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Hi Guys -

Answerd in order ...

Bawls327, I did say new face to me, not necesarily a new member - big difference.

Hi Welshflyer and thanks for the info on that Vista, took a look at it but it isnt that great _ it restricts yo areas and you have to keep chnaging and laodign the vaious scenery packs as you move from one place in Australia to another - great if you want to fly around Brisbane or Melbourne or Perth etc.

Thanks to you too Vegas Flyer - always appreciated 🙂

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