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I have been using FS for quite some time now and have never really gone beyond getting it up in the air and landing it - Been using FS Navigator.

I now have FSX and can no longer use FSNAV it so.....I need to do some learning about these questions:

1) I choose a departure and arrival airport - What are the basics of planning a route and how?

2) Once I have a route, how to I programme this into the Garmin 500?

3) Can the GPS "fly" the plane based on the route?

Before you all tell me to read the help, unfortunately, my FSX is Spanish (cos I am in Spain) and although I can read it generally well its not easy to "understand".

Basically, what I'd like is a kinda step by step guide from engines on to engines off. Not a story but just pointers (especially on flight planning and on the GPS) so I can go and find more information.


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See if these help.
Start off with a small single prop or even the DC-3, it's easy to fly and land.

Try the first few missions.


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I doubt anyone will be able to give you a "...step by step guide from engines on to engines off" since you haven't told us which aircraft.

FWIW, I've uploaded the Flight Planner and GPS section straight out of the Learning Center. (In English)

It mightn't be exactly what you were hoping for ATM, but at least you'll have it and will be able to fall back on it.

The link is at the bottom of the page.

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