FLIGHT X - Completely Unplayable !!!

alastair1978 Guest

I recently purchased Flight Sim X deluxe and its completely unplayable.

I have changed all the settings to the suggested ones for my graphics card from and then even put them at the lowest possible settings but still its runs like a absolute DOG!

Even at 1024 x 768 resolution its runs terrible as well as lookign 1/3 as good as my Flight sim 2004. It says I am getting about 20 frames per second but this is rubbish as true 20 frames per second would be smooth as. Every time I run the sim I get frustrated within a minute and shut the damn thing down.

I have the following system

- Athlon Dual core 4200 CPU
- Geforce 7900 GTX 512 mb
- 2 gig DDR2 ram
- SATA hard drive 320 gig
- ASUS M2N SLI mianboard

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anonymouse91 First Officer

Your system seems quite good to run FSX. Try the tweaks here: and make sure that you don't have memory intensive applications running when you run FSX.

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